Odin is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. His estimated DOB is

Odin is a owner turn-in. The owners
sister originally contacted us so the info
below is from her:

My sister recently adopted a male 2 year
old Wheaten from a local pet store who
rescues stray dogs. He was wandering
on a Highway! He is the best family dog!
He is great with children. He is gentle
and loving and loves to cuddle. He has
shown no aggression at all towards
people or around food. My sister has
owned him about 3 months now. She has
3 cats and he is VERY obsessed with
them. Both my sister and I have been
working with him to try to break him from
his intense focus on them. He has not
hurt any of the cats physically. He
charges them full force and even being
scratched repeatedly does not slow him
down, it seems to only intensify the
situation. My sister keeps them
separated by a baby gate. On one
occasion, Odin went through the gate
and harassed the cat under the bed for
about an hour, the cat was so scared it
peed all over itself and was drooling.
(very sad) Now the cat is missing and has
not come home for over a week. It is so
frustrating, she loves this dog very
much, but he has not responded to any
of our methods of training. It is very
obvious he needs a home WITHOUT any
cats!!!! He is also a escape artist and has
dug out of the yard (at several different
locations) about 5 times! (also very
scary) Luckily he has come home
unharmed every time. My sister is over
her head with this dog and I believe he
should be placed in a home that is
experienced with the breed. He has
more good qualities than bad, but the
bad are very big issues for her. I am
hoping you can help us find the perfect
home for him.

Odin will need a home with NO CATS and
will need to be supervised when outside
if he is in a fenced yard.

Odin is neutered, and up to date on


Odin has been adopted by the
Glasgow Family of California