Nina is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her estimated DOB is

Nina was a release from a Missouri
Puppymill. She is missing her right rear
foot. We were told that her mother
chewed it off at birth.

The rest of the leg seems to be totally
normal and healthy, she moves it when
walking and running and uses it to
scratch. We are going to look into the
possibility of getting a prosthetic leg for
Nina instead of amputating the leg.

We will be doing some research in the
next week or so to find out the feasibility
and cost of having a prosthetic foot
created for Nina.

As you can see in the video, she gets
around quite well but it is very sad to
see her trying to use the back leg and
she looses her balance on uneven
surfaces. One way or the other we will
take care of the leg so that she can
move around easier and with better

Despite starting her life in a mill, Nina is
very sweet and although a little shy she
is friendly. Her tail wags and she will give
little kisses.

She is a beautiful dark wheaten shade
and has very arresting amber eyes with
lots of dark eyeliner around it.


Nina went in to the vet today. The
intention was to spay her but after
anesthetizing her and shaving her belly
they discovered she had a staph
infection there and we obviously could
not proceed with the spay with that
present. The did go ahead and clean out
her ears as they were quite badly
infected. After the infection is cleared up
she will go back for spaying.


Nina went in today and was spayed. She
came through with flying color. Her staph
infection is gone and her ears are 90%
better - as bad as they were I am very
pleased with the way they look now. Her
personality is really coming out. She is
VERY food motivated and loves treats
and comes with her tail wagging when
she knows there are treats involved.
After she is healed from the spay she will
be ready to start her journey towards a
prosthetic foot as soon as the funds are


Nina's journey to get a new foot is about
to begin!

The President of the Rescue, Wendy, will
be leaving Kansas City on November 29
and personally driving Nina to Raleigh,
NC. Although we could set up a
transport, we think this is best for Nina
to reduce her stress and so that if there
is any reason she cannot have the
surgery she can be brought right back to
Kansas City and a second transport
would not have to be scheduled.

Her first appointment is scheduled at
NCSU on December 1. Her new foster
mom will be there as well.

Nina will be examined and then
anesthetized at that appointment and will
have a CT Scan and x-rays done to get
measurements for the pin and the
prosthetic foot that will have to be
custom designed for her.

Nina will be scheduled for her first
surgery which will consist of a pin being
inserted into the bone of her leg. The
bone will actually grow into the pin which
will eventually have the prosthetic foot
attached to it. It will take several months
for the pin to implant. Not only is Nina
being helped by the surgery, but the
procedure is being studied during these
animal trials so that it can eventually be
used in humans who have lost limbs.

Nina has a great new foster mom,
Vanessa, waiting for her in NC. We
appreciate her taking on a long term
foster in order to help Nina get her new

We will update again after the first


On November 29th, Nina, Denny, Erin and
Paris left Kansas City headed for North
Carolina and new homes along the way.

Erin went on to her new home in
Kentucky and Denny and Paris moved on
in North Carolina.

On December 1st Nina had her 1st
appointment with Dr. Marcellin. It went
very well and we are pleased to
announce that Nina has been cleared for
surgery and she will be getting a new

Nina had both x-rays and a cat scan at
her first appointment. It was found that
her kneecap has come out of position
and moved to the inside of her leg so
that will be repaired as well when she
has her surgery. We don't know yet what
the additional cost for that will be but it
will be important that her kneecap be in
the correct position when she actually
starts using the knee and it begins to
bear weight.

It will be approximately 4-5 months
before Nina will actually have the
surgery. The surgeon will be making a
precisely life size plastic replica of her
hips and legs and all the joints using the
cat scan and will then build the pin and
the prosthesis to exactly fit her legs so
that she will be balanced absolutely
perfectly when her new foot is attached.
The surgery will consist of drilling into
her bones to attach the titanium implant
that will be manufactured specifically for
Nina so that is will fit her bones
precisely. The bone and skin will actually
grow into the implant and then when it is
healed the prosthetic foot, again built to
exactly match Nina's needs, will be

If you look at the top x-ray on the right,
you will see an area circled in blue - that
area, which is what is left of her original
foot, will be amputated. The area which is
circled in yellow is where he intends on
attaching the titanium implant. She will
be able to keep the ankle joint which is
great as that means her prosthesis will
not have to have a joint built in which is
one less thing that would have a chance
of breaking in the future. She will only
need to have a foot attached.

The surgeon was very optimistic and
said that Nina was the perfect candidate
as she is on the small side which will put
less pressure on the prosthesis but she
is large enough that her bones are thick
enough to be able to handle the implant.
It will be important that Nina always be
kept at optimum weight and not be
allowed to become overweight to
minimize the stress on her bones and

We will be getting an update once a
month from the surgeon as to where
they are with manufacturing the pin and
prosthesis for Nina and will update with
new information as it becomes available.

For anyone interested, a copy of the first
bill can be seen by clicking


We received an email today from Nina's
surgeon. He reports that they are
currently working on the design for her
prosthesis. He also attached the blue
and green images to the right that are 3D
renderings of Nina's bones made from
the CT Scan that was done at our first
visit. These are being used to custom
make the titanium pin and the prosthesis
for Nina.  The circled area in the bottom
image shows how Nina's kneecap is
displaced. They will fix this also when
she has her surgery.  

UPDATE - SEPT. 8, 2011

Thanks to all of our wonderful
supporters we were able to raise the
$2000 that was needed to pay the
deposit for Nina's surgery which was
scheduled for today. Unfortunately, when
they shaved her leg to do the surgery
they found she had an infection on her
skin and as they will be drilling into the
bone to do the implant they could not
take the risk of an infection so the
surgery had to be cancelled for today.
Nina's surgery will be rescheduled and
she will be on a 30 day course of
antibiotics prior to the surgery date to
make sure it is cleared up. We will need
to raise approx. $1000 more to cover the
entire bill when the surgery does
happen but we are well on our way to
meeting that goal!!


On October 25, 2011 we were finally able
to have all the ducks in a row and Nina
had her surgery to implant the titanium
pin into her leg which the prosthetic will
attach to.

Right now she is being monitored daily
and having her bandage changed by a
vet. We were told this could be a daily
visit for 2-4 weeks and we are already
nearly at 4 weeks. At $43 per day this is
getting extremely costly very quickly so
we are hoping the frequency will be
reduced quickly.

After the skin has healed around the pin
the time for the placement of the


An appointment has been scheduled for
May 30, 2012 for the prosthetic foot to be
attached to the pin on Nina's leg. We will
be there to tape Nina's first steps for all
the many people who have donated for
her care. We will post pictures and vidoe
to this page afterward. After this has
happened her adoption will be finalized
to her foster home.

The cost for this entire process has
been much higher than what we
originally budgeted for and we have
approx $2000 more in bills to pay for
Nina. If you are in a position to be able
to help, we could certainly use more
Angels for her!

Nina's Missing Foot
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All strapped in and ready for the long drive to North
Carolina. Denny, Paris and Erin came along for the
ride to go to their new forever homes.
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Nina has been adopted by
the McGuire Family of
South Carolina

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Dinah Brock
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Paul R Barry