Nico is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His estimated DOB is

Nico was rescued from an abusive
situation. Below is some information
from his savior:

A friend (whom I no longer speak with)
bought this dog. I watched them cage
him up all day, not let him go outside to
use the bathroom (when he was
released from his cage he would
immediately go to the bathroom on the
floor), hit him, yell at him, go without
food and water, and when he was let out
to play he would immediately hide, go to
the bathroom on the floor, or urinate
when someone came near him. He also
was so matted that he had to be shaved.
At one point I asked if I could take him to
play in my fenced yard with my dog (a lab
mix) and they agreed. He stayed at my
house several times over the next year
with no serious problems. He was
allowed space to play, preferred to stay
outside most of the day barking and
running around, and playing with my lab.
However, when he was inside he would
always cower and hide under my bed.
A short time ago, when things hadn't
gotten any better with the present
owner, I convinced them he would be
better off at my house, or I would place
him with a new family. In a sense acting
like a foster parent I suppose. It has
been a couple of months now, I had no
intention of keeping him, only adopting
him out (The owners were about to give
him to the shelter, which, with his
disposition I felt would just result in him
getting put down). However, because of
his upkeep and demeanor there hasn't
been a serious inquiry. Not one that I
would feel comfortable with anyway. I
have been trying to work with him as
much as possible to undue some of the
damage, but feel the best place is with
someone who has every intention of
keeping him with their loving family. I
feel any progress we make with him will
be in vain if he stays with us too long
and then moves again. Admittedly, I
don't know anything about abused dogs,
but am afraid he will regress. At this
point he will come out from under my
bed most days. However he does hide
under my glass topped coffee table :)
(not sure that he realizes me can still
see him) If we move too quickly around
him he bolts upstairs to hide under my
bed.  He also is very skiddish when
someone raises their voice or there are
a lot of people around. Having two very
active children who constantly have
their friends over, I feel that it is not in
his best interest to be here and always
be scared. I want him to be a happy,
healthy pup, and feel comfortable in his
environment. We give him the love and
attention, but can not give him the
permanent home he deserves.

We are placing NIco in a foster home to
work with him. We will get him groomed
and get some better pics. Nico has the
characteristics of a dog rescued from a
puppymill. To read more about dogs like
this please click

Nico will be neutered and brought up to
date on shots prior to adoption. He is
located in Manhattan, KS
Markus & Ilka
with Oscar & Tessa
Leslie Steis
Karen Gravatt

Nico has been adopted by the
Franz Family of Kansas