Myles is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 2/24/09.

He is a owner turn-in. Below is a little
info from them:

The puppy is very very skittish, very
scared, like he was abused. I didn't feel
comfortable with the breeder, like he
was a back door breeder. So i have
decided not to return the puppy, and let
him go to a home where he will need alot
of attention and someone who knows
how to train dogs. He has never ever
snapped or bitten anyone... He is to
afraid of people.. He seems to have no
knowledge of humans at all. What can I
do to get him a great home to go to? I
had my vet check him out to make sure
everything is good. They said he needed
his last shots for the year and was a
perfect healthy dog.. I just don't have the
time and patience that he needs....

Please visit our page on puppymill dogs
HERE to learn more about dogs that
come from situations like this.

Myles is neutered and is up to date on


Myles has been adopted by the
Mauser Family of Florida