Murphy is a purebred male Softcoated
Wheaten Terrier. His estimated DOB is

Murphy is a owner turn-in. Some
information from them:

Murphy is a great dog.  We purchased
him from a breeder as a puppy – and he
has been in a very loving home.  Even
as a puppy he showed signs of
separation anxiety.   Over the past few
years – his separation anxiety issues
have lead him to bark excessively at
people as they leave, sometimes
running after them, trying to ‘nip’ at their
pants leg. Often he tries to play with
children – but sometimes using is mouth
or jumping knocking them down.  
Murphy has NEVER bitten anyone – but
he does show aggressive tendencies
when someone is leaving…or if on leash
and near another dog, or bike.    That
said – he is a wonderful ‘family’ dog.  
With my 3 kids he lets them pull his tail,
dress him up…he plays with them and
rolls over to let them rub his belly.  I
really think – we are not giving him the
attention and exercise he requires to
have the proper behavior/and
socialization skills.  

He sits, shakes, goes to his bed or water
when told, he is potty trained (goes
outside/scratches at door when he has
to go).  He will take a treat from my 1
year old gently – and he knows not to
touch his teeth to a hand.

Please help us.  We just are not good
owners for him, with our current      
family situation.

Murphy is neutered and up to date
on shots.

Murphy has been adopted by
the Harris family of Maryland