Murphy is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Hia DOB is 11/27/05

Murphy is a owner turn-in. Some info is

When we had our very first litter, I
offered one puppy to my next door
neighbor who was a widow living alone.  
She has had him for I believe about 3
years.  He presents as being very
protective of her – it is just she and the
dog in the house.  When the mailman or
strangers come he growls (he has never
bitten anyone buy does present
aggressive by growling) He is a
marshmallow with my wife and I.... sweet
as can be – my read has been that he
sees himself as the master of the house
next door as his owner is on the meek
side. Last night Murphy took a piece of
paper from a project my neighbor was
working on and had it in his mouth.  She
said Murphy give that back to me...........
he did not respond so she rubbed her
foot on top of his head trying to smooth
talk him into giving it to her – he
responded by growling at her with his
lips curled  - this frightened her and now
she is very afraid of him – even though
afterward he waited outside her
bedroom door almost apologetically
Again – he has never bitten anyone but
his owner is afraid he might

Murphy needs a strong owner that will
work with him and show him his proper
place in the pack. We will not consider
homes with children under 14 for this
dog and obedience training will be a
condition of adoption.

Murphy is neutered and up to date on


Murphy has been adopted by the
Murphy/Kingston Family of New

Teri Sullivan