Murphy T is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. His DOB is 6.25.06

Murphy T is great with all other dogs,
loves doggy daycare, has had
obedience training, and is good with
older kids too. It isn't known how he
would do with cats -- he has chased
them before, but never been in
contact with one.

Murphy-T is great with his people, loves
to snuggle in bed and watch TV with
them on the couch.  He dances for car
rides and is very energetic and playful.
He LOVES going for walks and runs,
doggy daycare, and dog parks.

Murphy is a owner turn-in. The couple is
very nice - the wife works away from
home, and so Murphy-T is left at home
during the daytime with the husband,
who is wheelchair bound.  The husband
has health troubles and will forget to
supervise Murphy at the door when
people come and go - and Murphy-T is
VERY opportunistic and will dash out the
door to greet people.  Although he is
said to love EVERYONE, apparently that
does not include mailmen, as he
recently bit one.  No blood was drawn,
although animal control was involved
and citations issued. The husband also
has to allow Murphy-T into the yard
unattended, using the electric fence.  
Small neighborhood kids taunt Murphy-T
through the fence and he gets overly
excited by them.  Other than being put in
the yard, Murphy-T has no exercise at
all, and has lots of energy to burn.

Due to the reported bite,
although minor, we will not
place Murphy in a home with
children under 16

Murphy T is nuetered and up to date on
shots and microchipped.

Murphy has been adopted by
the Bankson Family of New York