Mr. Bond is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 7/14/10

Mr. Bond is a owner turn-in. Below is
some information from them.

If we could just get  him housebroken,
Mr. Bond would be the perfect dog.
He is 32 pounds of total adoration who
absolutely loves to be in the room with
people every minute of the day.  He is
thrilled by car rides, and will stretch out
on the back seat or curl contentedly in a
crate in the car for hours on end.
Every trainer and veterinarian and
kennel owner who has met him has
unanimously stated that, except for the
separation anxiety manifested as
inability to housebreak, he is remarkably
well trained for a 13-month old
Wheaten.   He will sit until released for
his food dish.  He will hold a down-stay
with a treat inches from his nose.  He
does not chew on clothing or shoes or
furniture. He rarely jumps up to say hello
– instead he usually stretches twice,
wags his tail, and then licks your hand.
Unless he is alone in his crate or alone
outside on a leash, he rarely barks.  
Outside, he will pee and poo almost on
command and almost always in one
designated area of the yard. He loves to
be the center of attention while playing
running games or soccer or fetch with a
tennis ball or playing indoors with a soft
plush toy.  He will also lie quietly at (or
on) your feet for hours during dinner,
phone calls, computer work or movies.
When he is with other dogs he is playful
and agreeable, not at all aggressive.
The problem is we cannot get him
housebroken.  The good news is that he
CAN be housebroken. He proved this
during a 16 day stay with friends while
we were away on vacation – but he will
need to be with an older calmer dog to
keep him company, be allowed to run
freely in a very large fenced yard or
property with acres and acres of land,
and with a family that he can follow
around all over the house. It makes us
all very sad to see him go, but we will be
happier knowing that he will be running,
bright eyes shining, and thrilled to be
part of your life.

Mr. Bond has been neutered and is up
to date on shots.  

Mr. Bond has been adopted by
the Gubner Family of