Mozzie is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.   His DOB is 5/6/13

Mozzie is a typical wheaten terrier puppy
full of fun and energy.  He was
purchased from a breeder by a 78 year
old woman.  Unfortunately, Mozzie is just
to energetic and full of himself for his
current owner to keep up with.  He is
also in that nipping and teething stage
and is doing quite a bit of damage to her
arms and legs when playing.  So she
made the difficult decision ot surrender
Mozzie to S'Wheat Rescue in hopes of
finding him a more suitable home.

Mozzie loves to run and play with the
neighboring dogs and children, he is
said to be working on housetraining and
crate training.  He will need to be taught
basic manners and would do well to
attend puppy obedience training
classes.  He has no aggressions, just
loves everyone he meets.

Mozzie has been neutered and is up to
date on shots
OCTOBER 2013 -

Mozzie has been adopted by
Paulette Cashman of