Moxie is a purebred female Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is

Moxie is a owner turn-in. Below is some information on that:

My sister has an unusually smart 4-year old registered wheaten female
name Moxie. When she got Moxie, Carrie had just divorced, wasn't
working and had plenty of time to run her and take care of her. She’s since
had to go back to work and no longer has the time or wherewithal to
provide Moxie with adequate attention. Her job is about an hour from her
home; she’s often gone up to 12 hours each day. Carrie has a 10 year-old
son and 13 year-old daughter with activities and homework, etc. just
leaving no time for Moxie. I would take her but have two dogs of my own.
At this point, if we can’t get Moxie adopted, we’ll have to turn her over to
the pound.

Moxie does great with both kids and adults, but she’s not good with other

I am writing tonight to help my sister with her dilemma. Moxie is a
wonderful dog who really needs a home where she will be loved and
appreciated. I do hope you can help.

Moxie will need a home where she is the only pet or with a laid back male

Moxie is spayed and up to date on shots.


Moxie has been adopted by Matthew Doerpinghaus of