Molly is a female Wheatable. Her
estimated DOB is 11/07

Molly is a owner turn-in. Below is some
information from them:

It breaks my heart to have to write this
you have no idea. When i found this dog
she was 5 weeks old and starving
chained to a trailer flea infested and it
was starting to snow. She was very sick.
Now she is well. She is very sweet but
has developed a fixation on our older
female dog. She has never bit a person.
She loves to cuddle is very affectionate  
and will lick you death and is very
friendly. She follows me around and
sleeps with me at night occasionally. I'm
sure she would make someone a
wonderful companion but I'm not a well
person and I'm afraid i see no other

From Molly's foster mom:

If you are looking to add a awesome
Wheatable to your home you really
cannot do better than Molly. This girl is
full of personality. She loves to fetch a
ball and lives to play with toys. She would
be awesome at agility.  She is a big
snuggler and kisser and is very
intelligent. She is too smart for her own
good at times and her favorite past time
is to find ways to get out of the fence.
When she does she waits in the driveway
until someone notices and then takes off
down the road. All you have to do is get
in the car and say "bye, molly!" and head
the opposite direction. She is instantly
running after the car. A few trips around
the block and she is all tired out and
jumps right in to be driven home. She is
so happy and pleased with herself after
one of these jaunts it is hard to be mad at
the imp! This is one of the few cases
where  a home without a fence would
probably be better. She really is a special
girl and will make an awesome pet.

Molly is spayed and up to date on shots.
She has recently had a dental cleaning
and a broken tooth taken care of.


Molly has been adopted by the
Windsor Family of Kansas

Mary Haines
In Memory of
Maxxie Erickson
Jude Janoska
Cheryl Hain
Cassidy and Molly playing.
Cassidy has already been adopted.