Merlin is an approx. 4-5 year old purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.

Merlin was found as a stray and spent quite a bit of time in a
shelter. He could not be adopted out due to his condition but
the staff did not want to put him down.

As you can see in these pictures, he is in pretty bad shape.
What fur he has is severly matted and he has multiple sores
on his back, head, legs and neck.

He is having a severe allergic reaction which is causing his
condition. He will be going directly the vet to be shaved
completely down and bathed in antiseptic soap which will
help control the infection. He is being taken off commercial
dog food all together and will be fed a strict bland diet of
hamburger and rice to help stabilize his condition. We will
also have him put on antibiotics and a steriod to try and curb
his skin condition quickly.

His foster mother reports he is extremely sweet and loving
and is getting along well with the other dogs in the house.
He was very good about taking a bath and loves to roll over
and have his belly scratched.

He is neutered and will be available for adoption after his
condition has been brought under control.

Merlin is going to require a lot of vet care and he could use
some Wheaten Angels. if you are interested in helping,
please click on the angel at the top of the page for more

Merlin is located in the Jacksonville, FL area


Merlin has been to the vet and is on antibiotics and a steriod
for his skin problems. He has also been to the groomer for a
good bath and to get the rest of the matted fur shaved off.
These new pictures are after these things happened.

From Merlins foster home:  He is feeling much better and is a
lot less itchy. He gets along great with the other dogs, loves
to play, but also really loves to be the center of attention
with the humans...he will nap with you and really snuggle...I
have never seen such a dog before. He is also good with the
cats. He chases them, but our cats participate in this
activity...they have grown up with dogs and see it as a game.
I don't think he would hurt a cat - he is just very curious.


Merlin is doing much better. The allergies are under control
as is the itching. As you can see in the new pictures, he has
come a long way thanks to a wonderful foster family taking
great care of him, You can see a healthy new shine to his
coat and eyes and new found confidence in his body stance
and how he looks into the camera. He has learned that there
are good people that will take care of him and make him feel
better. It is amazing the transformations these abused and
damaged dogs make when they come into rescue and get
good care and learn it is ok to trust humans.

Some people have asked about the dark hair on his body.
This is called "Wound Hair" When Wheatens get injured, or
have severe skin and allergy problems like Merlin had, when
the fur grows back in it reverts to the same dark coloring
that Wheatens have as puppies. This will grow out and the
fur that comes in under it will be of the normal Wheaten
coloring. He will be all one color again in a few months.

Merlin will be ready to move on to a wonderful forever home
soon so if you are interested in giving this wonderful dog a
home, please fill out an adoption application right away!

NOTE: We have determined that Merlin should only be
placed in a home with NO CATS.


As you can see with the new pictures, Merlin is thriving and
looking better than ever! He is now ready to move on to a
forever home so if you are interested in adopting this
wonderful dog, please put in your application!


Merlin has been adopted by the
Vancil Family of Missouri

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