Maya is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Her DOB is 2/14/08

Maya is a owner turn in with her sister,
Kaya. "We have 3 small children under
the age of 5 and it is just too much for
Maya to handle.  Since the birth of our
baby this fall, the girls have begun
fighting.  We do not know which dog
starts it or even what the trigger to the
fighting is, but we are afraid they are
going to hurt each other or one of our
children.  We have kept them apart for
two months hoping that they will snap
out of it, but we are too afraid to let them
be together to take the chance."

Some more info from the
previous owner:
"Maya loves to snuggle, play ball, sit at
my feet when I work from home.  She
gives lots of kisses, she does not bark,
even when the neighbor's dog barks!  
She responds to some commands and
loves to ride in the car!!!  She is very
healthy and has been groomed every 6-8
weeks since she was a puppy."

Maya is spayed and is up to date on
shots. She is located in
Wheat Ridge, CO
Be a Wheaten
Angel for Maya!

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