Marta is a female Wheatable.  Her
mother is a purebred Irish coated Soft
Coated Wheaten Terrier. The only thing
we know about the father is he was
sneaky enough to father a litter of
puppies while the female was out in the
fenced yard and she and her siblings
were a surprise. Her DOB is 9/14/10

Marta came into Rescue with three of
her siblings,
Sulu, McCoy and Scotty. All
of the puppies are very sweet and
outgoing and will make wonderful pets.

These puppies are not eligible for any
transportation assistance. Adopters will
be required to come to Kansas City MO
to adopt one of these puppies.

Marta is spayed and up to date on shots
appropriate to her age. She is located in
Kansas City, MO

JANUARY 2011 -

Marta has been adopted by the
Wiehl Family of Nebraska

Barbara Vittitoe