Marley is a male Wheatable. He is a
Wheaten/Golden Retriever mix.  His DOB
is 9/9/09

Marley is an owner turn-in. Some
information from the owner is below:

He is so cute and is basically a good
pup. I just can't keep him.  I've had dogs
my whole life but this is the first puppy
since having my kids.  My husband and I
both work and with all of the kid's extra
activities, we just don't have enough
time for our pup and that's just really not
fair to him. He has way more energy than
I ever expected.  He's fine in the crate
for 4-5.  I am also not comfortable with
the way he treats my kids.  I researched
Wheatens before getting him but never
found anything (until after) that they can
be bad with small children.  My son is a
big 7 yr. old and can handle him pretty
well.  But my daughter is a small 5 yr. old
and he does treat her like a littermate.  
He just steps all over her and does
the puppy biting to her ears and
whatever else he can get a hold of.  
She is scared of him.

Marley is neutered and up to date on

APRIL 2010 -

Marley has been adopted by the
Hendel Family of New Jersey