Maible is a female Wheatable.  Her
estimated DOB is 5/05

Maible is a owner turn-in. Some info
from them:

Last weekend, my husband and I
adopted Maible, a 46-pound wheaten
mix, from a shelter in North GA. She was
scheduled to be euthanized on Monday.
Maible has both demodectic mange and
heartworms, which we knew when we
adopted her, and were planning to treat.
She is a sweet dog - affectionate and
generally quite laid back. She rarely
barks and seems content to just be in
the company of people.  Unfortunately,
however, she has exhibited some
aggression toward our other 2 dogs,
resulting in us having to keep them
apart at all times - an extremely difficult
situation to say the least.

Maible will require veterinary treatment
for the mange and heartworm.
Demodectic mange is caused by a mite
that all dogs have. When a dog has had
a condition that causes a suppression of
the immune system the mites can
proliferate and cause hair loss. When
the dog is healthy again the mites will be
under control. This type of mange is not
contagious and other dogs in the
household are safe being in contact with
a dog of this condition.

Maible will do best in a home where she
is the only pet. She is cat aggressive.


Good news today! Maible was retested
for heartworms and was found to be
negative. She will not have to go
through the heartworm treatment.
She is continuing treatment for the
mange which is nearly completely
healed up. Maible is now
available for adoption.

Maible is spayed and and up to date on


Maible has been adoption by the
Duda Family of FL where she
joins Marvin who was
Leslie Steis
Markus & Ilka with
Oscar & Tessa
Kimberly Pelletier