Maggie is a purebred female Soft
Coated Wheaten Terrier. Her DOB is

Maggie is a owner turn-in. Maggie's
former owner currently works long
hours, and her son has moved away
from home, leaving Maggie at home,
alone, all day long.

Maggie walks very well on leash
although she stops if people walk
directly behind her.  She is shy and
sweet and may take a little bit to warm
up to people and seems to prefer
women over men.  She LOVES car rides
and long walks and running in a yard to
play.  She's prefers to do her business
privately and will not go potty while on a
leash.  She is also afraid of loud noises.

Maggie gets along well with both adults
and kids.  She can be a little timid when
meeting other dogs but is
non-aggressive to them.  She is best
with male dogs that are smaller than she
is.  She does not know how to play with
toys and people and while she can be
comfortable with other dogs, doesn't
really play with them. Maggie is spends
most of her time relaxing under her
favorite table, or in her crate, which is
left open for her.

Maggie is spayed and up to date on
JANUARY 2013 -

Maggie has been adopted by
the Martin-Bartle Family of