Maggie is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Her DOB is 9/11/14

Maggie was a owner turn-in. Her owner
was not able to handle a Wheaten puppy.

From her foster mom:

"Maggie was purchased by a woman in
Fort Worth, TX from a breeder from
Missouri.  This is the same breeder Sassy
and Reba came from.  The former owner
was having to crate Maggie 8 hours a day
and when she let Maggie out of the crate
could not understand why she wouldn't
just lay on the couch and let her pet her.  
She obviously did not do her homework
before purchasing this puppy!!  Maggie
has been in my home for about 2 weeks
now and is doing great.  She has put on
weight and seems to be very happy
running with my dogs.  She obviously is
annoying to the older ones, but they are
tolerating her fine.  She has learned to
leave the cat alone, so she should do fine
in a home with cats or dogs.  She is still
pretty nippy, but she is a puppy and will
grow out of that with time.  She has been
fine with my grandchildren from 4 to 16
years of age as long as someone is there
to protect the 4 year old from her sharp
little teeth!!!"

Maggie is spayed and up to date
on shots.
FEBRUARY 2015 -  

Reba has been adopted by
Jenny and Eric Rothman