Lucy is a female Wheatable.  
Her DOB is 12/02.

Lucy is a owner turn-in, some info from
them is below:

Lucy is a very easy going dog the
majority of the time. She's calm, sweet
and easy to play with. You can wrestle
with her on the floor, pick her up, and
play with her and she is very gentle. We
joke that you can do whatever you want
to her and she doesn't mind. Compared
to Anna, who is much more leery and
docile, Lucy is very playful and frisky.
She's mostly a calm dog as well, just in
the instances of the mailman, strangers
at the front door and special treats does
she become aggressive. Lucy is a sweet
dog who likes to be close to her humans
and settles down easily.

Due to Lucy's over-reactions with the
mailman and others at the door we will
require obedience classes as a
condition of adoption and will only
consider homes with children over 12.

Lucy is spayed and up to date on shots.


Lucy has been adopted by
Helene Luce of Maryland

Angela Hurley
Crystal Grave