Lucy is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 1/16/10

Lucy is a owner turn-in through a
trainer they were using. Some
information from the trainer is below:

Lucy is a gorgeous and sweet
Wheaten.  She is owned by a family that
Ihave been doing some training with.  
She has TONS of energy, way more
than they can handle.  They where
thinking she would be a good house
pet, which she has turned out not to
be.  She needs to be in an active home.

She is a really nice dog. She has basic
& intermediate obedience training.
Fantastic recall, sit, down, wait, lie
down, knows many tricks, shake hands,
spin, roll over, bang, she is crate
trained totally housebroken, and gets
along great with other dogs
(submissive), Shes friendly, out going,
and good with strangers and children.
Lucy knows run next to a bike (in a
heel position) she enjoys carrying her
back pack on hikes and walks, but
loves to run fast! She has loads of
energy and really needs a way to
release it. Lucy would be awesome at
flyball she is fast (she can keep up with
my BC's), agile (awesome jumper, very
nice stride and leap), loves a tennis
ball (and Frisbees). I would like to see
her go somewhere that could put
her to work!

Lucy is spayed and up to date on shots.


Lucy has been adopted by
James Troy of California