Lucy is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her est. DOB is 12/09

Lucy is a great, fun loving energetic girl,
who loves to run. Lucy is good with male
dogs only, and does not get along with
cats at all. Lucy is great with kids of all
ages. The family adores her but cannot
keep her exercised enough or get the
kids to latch the door.  Lucy is said to be
very intelligent and eager to please and
very loving.

The reason Lucy is coming in to rescue
is that her owners are unable to keep
her confined or provide enough outlets
for all of her energy.  Lucy is able to
jump a 3 foot fence with ease, and runs
through their electric fence without a
second glance back. The owners have
stated that when she gets plenty of
exercise, Lucy is well behaved and
obedient, but when she is just given
sedate walks, her energy peaks and she
will escape out doors that the kids leave
unlatched.  When she escapes, she runs
to the neighbors houses. The neighbors
have grown tired of Lucy always running
around the neighborhood and now call
animal control or the police each time
she escapes.  The former owners tried
placing Lucy with a family who had
another female wheaten, but the two
female wheatens fought and Lucy was
returned to them.

Lucy is spayed and up to date on shots .

Lucy has been adopted
by the Lee Family of Ohio