Lucy Belle is a purebred female Soft
Coated Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is

Lucy Belle is a owner turn-in. Below is
some information from them:

I need to find a better home for my Lucy
than I can give her. She would be a great
dog for a family or owner who has a
large fenced yard who does not live in a
city. We live near a busy highway, and
have never been able to train Lucy to
stay in the yard.  She is NEVER
intentionally let loose but accidents
happen. That is the first problem.  The
main problem is that she  has grown to
hate small dogs, and many of my
neighbors have small dogs.  My
husband does not care for Lucy, and
we have been fighting for a couple
years now about her hurting someone
else's dog.  Truthfully I just feel I am
the worse owner because I have not
been able to train her well.


I am attaching a few new pictures of
Lucy.  Groomed 2 days ago.  She is
having a good summer and I want to give
you an update, it might help with finding
some interested potential adopters.  Her
coat is very soft and matte-free at
present, I have been trying to keep her
brushed and trimmed.  She also had all
her shots updated July 23 and they are
good for a whole year until next July.  
She had heartworm bloodwork and is as
healthy as a puppy.  She still definitely
needs a fenced yard.  She gets along
great with our yellow lab, she is the
alpha dog there but they are playful and
loving.  She calls the shots though.
She will be a great dog for a true
Wheaten lover with a fenced yard who is
home more than me and my family.  If you
have any other questions about her let
me know.  She has not "broken lose"
lately but as you know my big concern is
my many neighbors' small dogs.

Lucy Belle is spayed and up to date on


Lucy Belle has been adopted by
the Pressley Family of Illinois

Teri Sullivan
Leslie Steis