Lola is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her DOB is 12/12/10.

Lola was born into the Rescue after her
Hope and father Will were
rescued along with several other dogs
from a puppymill auction in Missouri.
She has 5 siblings,
Chance, Barnaby,
Snickers, Sasha and Killian.

Lola was our surprise puppy. She came
after we thought we were done having
puppies. She was extremely small at
birth and had to be bottle feed for
awhile. Lola has a lot of pluck and even
though she is smaller than her siblings
she jumps right into the wrestling
matches. We call her our little tom-boy.

These puppies all have very special
names which you can read about
You will also find pictures of them right
after birth at that link. You will also find a
link to the puppy webcam on that page.

We very strongly encourage that they
retain their names!
They have had them
since birth and do know them.

Lola is spayed and up to date on shots.

APRIL 2010 -

Lola has been adopted by the
Wittig Family of Maryland

Brenda Mendoza