Logan is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 10/4/04

Logan is a owner turn-in.
Below is some info from them:

Logan has been with us since he is 8
weeks old and we love him dearly but he
is getting to be too much for us to
handle.  The real issue is that we have 2
small children (ages 2 and 4) who Logan
is uneasy with.  Logan doesn’t bite or
nip the kids, but is he is often
uncomfortable, nervous and uneasy
around them.  For example, he will go to
his bowl, guard it and “check” the kids.   
He takes food out of the children's
hands and bothers them during meals.   
We are constantly separating Logan
from the family and company as he
seems uneasy mostly with children,
barking and jumping on them.  He has
never bitten anyone and I don’t think he
would, but I can not take the chance, so I
am always separating Logan situations.  
It has become a constant issue for us
since we have 2 small children and lots
of little friends coming through our
house.  Logan loves playing ball,
running around our yard, eating and
sleeping.   He is fickle with other dogs
(but not his sister Lucy) so we do not
bring him around other dogs either.

Logan does have issues with
aggression with other dogs. As a result
he will need a home with no other pets
and a fenced yard for exercise. In order
to minimize the chances of a child
accidentally letting him out and due to
his issues with small children we will
only consider homes with children over
14 for this dog.

Logan is neutered and up to date on
Laura Brunner
Mary McGahey

Logan has been adopted by
Michelle Grassi of