Lillie is a female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her Est. DOB is 10.12

A nice man was at the dog park with his
dog.  While there, he met a lady
from the local humane society, who told
him about a wheaten terrier puppy who
had just come in that day.  Lillie had been
purchased for a high price from a
"breeder" at 5 months of age to an older
couple who kept Lillie outside in a dog
run at night but let her in the house
during the day.  For whatever reason,
they could not keep her and the breeder
refused to take her back, so they took
her to the humane society.  This
gentleman went there the next day to
see her, and immediately adopted her.  
He thinks she is awesome -- his wife -
not so much.  Lillie and the airedale are
growly to each other  at times -- they
don't know if it is play fights, but the end
result is Lillie needs a new home, and
this time it needs to be a FOREVER

Lillie is spayed and up to date on shots.  

Lillie has been adopted by
the Quintas Family of Illinois