Liberty is a female Wheatable. She is a
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier/Springer
Spaniel mix. Her DOB is 6/29/13

Libby was born into Rescue. Her mother,
Betsy was part of a group of dogs that
were dropped off at a Rescue in Georgia
by a puppymiller who said they could no
longer afford to feed them. Besides
Betsy there were her two brothers,
Lincoln & Jackson, a purebred male
Wheaten, Truman and a couple of
Springer mixes. They were told all of the
dogs were male but quickly found out
that one was a very pregnant female
who gave birth to 7 puppies on June 29.

The other puppies have been named
Yankee, Sparky, Dandy, Boomer,
Doodle & Dolly

The dogs were all kept penned together
so any and all of the males could be the
fathers to the puppies as every puppy in
a litter can have a different father.

Liberty has been spayed and is up to
date on shots.
Kyle Golder
Susan Harmon
Victoria Powell
Ann O'Connor
Joyce Turzak
Jean Davis
Nancy Roman
Barbara Ivey

Liberty has been adopted
by the Vasquez Family of