Laura is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her est. DOB is 7/05

Laura was a breeding dog in a puppymill.
She was released into rescue along with
Ma, Pa, Mary, Carrie, Nellie, Eliza and
Eddie. We were contacted by a
gentleman who rescued them from that
situation and wanted us to take them in
and find them good homes.

Some info on Laura:

What a love bug this girl is and a
roly-poly one at that. Laura has very
much enjoyed the free access to food
she has had since coming into Rescue
and is a bit round but she could not be
any sweeter if she tried. She always has
a big grin on her face and her little tail
going like crazy when there is some
attention to be had. She gets along well
with all the male dogs here in Rescue.
Some lucky family should snatch this
little gem up fast!

Laura has been spayed and is up to date
on shots. She has had dental work done.

AUGUST 2012 -
Peter Gracey
Sally J Higgins
Ken Tran
July 2011 - Pictures of surgery site after the removal of two
large masses that Laura came into Rescue with.