Lacy is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her DOB is 8/7/01

Lacy was a owner turn-in to an animal
shelter who contacted us and asked
that we take her into Rescue.

Lacy is a former puppymill breeding dog
and is shy. She will need a patient and
loving family willing to work with her.
You can read more about puppymill
dogs and their special needs by clicking

Update from foster mom:

I have been fostering Lacy for a little
while now and I thought it would be
good to give an update on how she is
doing. She is a shy girl but very sweet
and loving. I got my first tail wag the
other day which was very exciting! She
doesn’t move around the house often
but she has a few safe spots in the
house, they are either the guest bed or
the couch. She likes to be in these
places.  I’ve been working with her to
get used to different noises, such as
the TV or just any regular household
type noises that she was just not used
to. She has progressed well with
handling these types of noises. She
doesn't come to you for affection
however if you sit with her she will
cuddle with you and give you sweet
kisses on your hands. She handles
other dogs very well and likes to watch
them play.

Her progress has been slow but very
promising and seeing her tail wag
multiple times this past week really
gives me hope that she is making
strides and that as long as her forever
family shows her patience and
unconditional love that she will  
blossom into the dog she was born to
be! Also, her hair has grown up  some
so she’s lookin’ good!

Lacy is spayed and up to date on shots.
Monte Pickett
In Memory of
Maxxie Erickson
MARCH 2010 -

Lacy has been adopted by the
Kinsman Family of Illinois