Wendy Wheaton Cusick

Kiwi is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
Her DOB is 5/13

Kiwi is a owner turn-in. Info from the
previous owner:

"Due to our work hours we are gone all
day and are not able to give Kiwi the
attention she needs.  Even with a dog
walker a couple of times a day, it is just
not enough to satisfy her need for
companionship.  She will occasionally
chew up the corners of the rugs and
some furniture if left uncrated while we
are gone.  We just feel she will do better
in a home with someone who is able to
give her the attention she needs.

Kiwi is an extremely loving and sweet
girl.  She has had training as a puppy
and knows basic commands.  She is truly
a sweetheart and has never shown
aggression toward anyone or anything.  
When she has been caught chewing or
being naughty, she becomes completely
submissive, flipping on her back and
looking very sad for disappointing her

Kiwi is spayed up to date on shots.
JULY 2015 -  

Adopted by: