Kirin is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her DOB is 11/8/08

Kirin is a owner turn-in. Some info from
them is below:

I am a gentle loving playful puppy and I
love children. I love exercise and walk
every day. My owner brushes my teeth
every day. I am a very happy dog. My only
problem is that I don’t get along with my
7 year old Wheaton sister.

I was crate trained and sleep in my crate
at night in my owner’s bedroom. I am
house trained but I have access to a
doggie door all of the time so I don’t
have to ask to go out.  I am smart and
respond well to sit come and down
commands. I am the perfect dog except
for my problem with my sister that is
mostly created by her. My family will be
very sad to loose me because they love
me so much. I hope I can find as happy
and loving home as I have now.

Kirin is spayed and up to date on shots


Kirin has been adopted by the
Wegner Family of Texas

Stephen Underhill
Teri Sullivan