Karma is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 11/9/11

Karma is one of a litter of seven puppies
born into Rescue after their mother,
Bonnie Boo and his father, Buddy, were
rescued from a puppymill auction in
Kansas. They were dubbed 'The
Freedom Litter' as they were born into
freedom instead on into puppymill hell.

The puppies are all in good health and
well socialized. As you can see in the
pictures, these puppies did not have
their tails docked as we consider it
senseless mutilation and our adoption
contract specifically forbids their tails to
ever be docked.

Karma  is up to date on shots and spayed

March  2012 - A Forever Home!

Karma has been adopted by
the Orr Family of Missouri.