Kacie is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 11/2/02

Kacie is a owner turn-in. Below is some
information from them:

My mother and father in law have 2 soft
coated wheaten terriers. Kacie has
Addison's Disease. She loves my in laws
and is really good with my 3 year old son
unless he is playing rough with her she
will growl and has nipped at him. She is
a good dog though but more of an elder
couples dog. Maybe like older kids or
grandkids coming. Then there is Winnie.
He is a great dog climbs in your lap. He
is alpha though and doesn't really get
along with a male dog. But does great
with females.  My in laws have to get rid
of their dogs they can just no longer
afford them. With the meds and
grooming its was great for all these
years but they can just no longer take
care of the dogs like they need to be
taken care of. I would just really hate for
someone to take these dogs and not
take care of them like they should. They
are both so precious and my in laws are
feeling horrible to even have to be
doing this. These dogs are truly loved.

Addison's disease is very treatable and
Kacie will live a long and happy life with
a monthly percorton shot.

Anyone interested in adopting Kacie
should research this condition and
speak with their vet to make sure this is
a condition they are able to deal with.

Kacie is spayed and up to date on shots.
She has recently had a dental cleaning
and has nice, clean teeth.
In Memory of
Miss Kelly O'Reily my
SCWT who passed away
on 8/4/2010 after
struggling with addisons
and coligent for 6 years.
She was an important
member of our family
and I miss her dearly.
Louis Kestner
Dinah Brock
Susan Morgan
Gary Hilliard
Sharon Schroeder
Claire Adams
Patricia McGuire
Christine Smith
OCTOBER 2011 -

Kacie has been adopted by the
O'Shea Family of New Jersey