Juneau is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 4/17/11

Juneau is a owner turn-in. Some info
from them:

I have a heart condition and can’t be
walking the dog the way he needs to.  I
am trying to find him a good home.  He is
9 months old, neutered and an absolute
sweetheart.  I will have the biggest
broken heart when he leaves.  

Juneau is now in foster care. Some info
from his foster mom:

He is a great dog, gets along well with
people and other dogs.  When we meet
other dogs on the street he will
approach in a friendly manner or keep
going on command.  He is still a puppy
with all of a puppy's energy but well
trained for his age.  

At this point I would recommend a
fenced yard for him, because he will   
not pee on walks. I have walked him    
for over 2 miles on our daily outings   
and he does not pee.  He is house
trained and will go in the yard off  
leash.   I am working on that with him
and it  may change over time.

Juneau is neutered and
up to date on shots.  
Jeannine Weiss
Misty-Dawn Haynes

Juneau has been adopted by
the Keehn Family of New York.