Julia is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her estimated DOB is

Julia is a owner turn-in. She is being
given up due to a move to a smaller
home and issues with her getting loose.

Below is some information from them:

I have a 2 year old Wheaton named Julia
who is the victim of downsizing. I
recently had to move out of my home
into a town home that is about 1/3 the
size. I have 4 boys and we are just trying
to make ends meet right now. Julia is
having an extremely difficult time
adjusting to living in much smaller
quarters. Everyone who walks by outside
scares her and she barks and runs back
and forth. I can tell that she is in
distress. She ran out the front door
recently and bit a neighbor's dog. She is
typically a friendly dog, especially with
kids. We also have a small chihuahua
and they play together just fine.  She is
just scared of unfamiliar dogs and if they
act aggressive towards her at all she
gets upset.


Julia has been here in Kansas City for a
few weeks while we evaluated her. Julia
is a very sweet dog, she loves people
and is generally pretty well behaved
when she is alone with people. She
comes when called and sits on command
and is very affectionate.

Julia's issues are with other dogs. She is
scared around them and reacts
aggressively to scare them away.

She is a large for a female Wheaten -
around 40 lbs and she is very solidly

She is a very pretty and striking girl and
has a coat that tends towards being curly.

She will need an owner who is both
physically strong and has a definite alpha
personality to control her when she is
around dogs or other stimuli that gets
her worked up.

Obedience training will be a condition of
adoption with Julia, she will need one on
one clasees at least in the beginning. We
believe that with proper training and
work that Julia can be much better with
other animals but she will need a home
where she is the only pet. She is not
good with cats.

Due to her size and behavior around
other animals we will not consider
homes with children under 14 for this

Julia is spayed and up to date on


Julia has been adopted by Beth
Brokaw of Kentucky

Sara M Borst
Donna Hutton