Jasper is a purebred male,
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  
His DOB is 10/03/10

Jasper is a owner turn-in. Some
information from them:

Last year I moved from a house with a
yard to an apartment near the city and
Jasper did not adjust well.  He is very
timid and shy when he goes out into the
world.  We had to go out on a leash each
time to potty, and the area was just too
busy for him.  His main issue is fear.  He
has always been very timid and shy.  At
home in his comfort zone, he is a
normal, sweet, happy go lucky dog.  
When goes outside the home or
encounters new dogs or humans, he
shuts down with fear.  In one-on-one
encounters with new dogs he does
great, but he does not do well in the dog
park setting.  We have done private
training with him and he has learned
many basic commands.  When new
people come to our home, he runs and
hides until they leave.

Jasper is neutered & up to
date on shots.
OCTOBER 2013 -

Jasper has been adopted by
Kyle Scarborough of Alabama