James is a male Wheatable.   
His est. DOB is 9/10

We don't know a whole lot about James
other than he was found as a stray and
ended up in a shelter. His coat was
extremely matted and he had to be
shaved down. As you can see in the
pics, he lost half his size in one
grooming! But, it is only hair and
it will grow back quickly.

From his foster home:  

He came to us very much in need of a
groomer and a warm, loving home; but,
he was so very sweet and friendly
despite his being uncomfortable.

In the home he greets all with a cute
jump for a pet.  He immediately finds the
most comfortable chair or sofa adorning
so cutely.  He enjoys his pet food but is
always eager for a human treat.  You do
have to watch your kitchen garbage, lol,
a byproduct of his stray days.  He does
not bark or leave any messes inside to
his best ability. He is just a cutie
patootie happy to be part of a family.

Outside he will go the bathroom almost
immediately.  He enjoys short or long
walks and does not pull on the leash.  
He is friendly with all other dogs and
submits to jumpier fellows.  

James is neutered and up to date on
Be a Wheaten
Angel for James!

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James has been adopted
by Spalter Family of
New York