Jackie is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
Her DOB is 4/12/09

Jackie was a breeding dog in a
puppymill, and was rescued at auction
along with 11 other purebred Wheatens.

We were able, with the help of many
Wheaten Angels, to attend the dog
auction and get these dogs out of the
breeding cycle so she can have a life
with a loving family as all dogs deserve
to have.

Poor, sweet, Jackie is such a mess, her
skin is infected and feels like elephant
skin on her belly and inside her badly
infected ears and her eyes are infected
as well.

She went to the vet on 5/20 and was
immediately put on antibiotics. She was
put under anesthesia on 5/22 to deal
with her infected ears and her teeth but
the vets did not feel it was safe to spay
her until her skin has gotten into better
shape and has no infection. She has
been boarded at the vet since then and
is receiving daily medicated baths and
care to help her feel better.

This poor girl had to have lived an
absolutely horrible existence in the
condition she is in!

She really deserves a wonderful, loving
family to take her in and make up for
the pain she has endured just so
people can buy puppies in petstores.

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puppymills please click

Jackie is now spayed and up to date on
shots and has had dental work done.
Jean Davis
Loretta Rapisardi
Angela Samul
Kathryn Wiepjes
Kerry Massenburg
Valerie Bass
Jennifer Delaney
Ann O'Connor
Lynne Albee
Paula Rush
Tiffany Collins
Mary Jo McAuliffe
Ann O'Connor
Lynne Albee
Paula Rush
SEPTEMBER 2014 -  

Jackie has been adopted by

Chet Stephens
Jeanne Schofield
Maggie Peterson
Michele Hinton Riley
Kim Thompson
Carol Sullivan
Lisa Radlinski
Mary Wick
Avis Jobrack
Susan Tremaine
Carol Sullivan
Lisa Radlinski
Mary Wick