Jack is a male Wheatable. His est. DOB is
12/06. Paris is a female Wheatable.  Her
est. DOB is 12/05

Jack and Paris were owner turn-ins to a
animal shelter. The shelter contacted us
to ask for our help due to the unique
circumstances of these two dogs.

Jack is blind and he depends on Paris to
be his eyes. The dogs are very attached
to one another and need to go to a new
home together. To help this be easy for a
new family, we will be only requiring one
adoption fee for both dogs.

Update from foster parents after their
first evening:

Bath time has become an adventure so
there will be no pics tonight they will be
sent tomorrow am. By the looks of the
dog we don;'t think they have ever had a
haircut it is about 4-6" in spots and
longer. Paris has had her hair cut about
her eyes but Jack has not when he eats
the fall is in the food. Good night from 2
happy dogs, 2 exhausted humans and 2
pouting dogs who want to play with their
new playmates

Update #2

Jack has a white head & feet, he is a bit
bigger than Paris. Paris's head is more
wheaten mixed with white. The hair on
both dogs is over 6-8" long and in need
of a cut. When Jack tries to eat the hair
on his beard is so long he has trouble
getting food to eat. They both have long
tails. Both puppies are very thin and in
need of lots of good food and plenty of
LOL. They are very friendly Jack goes by
noises and comes to you. They wag their
tails when they hear you coming very
friendly licking your hands not afraid.

Both dogs have been desexed, are
Heartworm negative and up to date on


Jack & Paris have been adopted
by Cindy Brown of Florida

Jack Shelter Pic
Paris Shelter Pic
Karen Pearlstein
Catherine Braun
Jeremiah Haas
Aaron Ahlstrom
Jeremiah Haas
Jack before grooming
Paris before grooming
Kathy Curtner
Theresa Incagnoli
Kathleen M Hower
Tracey Fabsits
Betty Corp
Molly and Belle
Markus & Ilka
with Oscar und Tessa