Jack is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.   His DOB is 12/31/02

Jack was a owner turn-in. The reason
given was that he is fighting with
another male dog in the home and they
are afraid their young child could get in
the middle and be injured.

Jack is a great older dog  He loves to
give kisses and cuddle, and will also
snuggle up in bed and nap when he gets
the chance.  He is still very active,
healthy, and in excellent shape.
JACK loves to play tug of war with
people and other dogs.  He loves to run
around and play and chase squirrels too.

From his foster mom:

I haven't seen any of the aggression that
his previous owner is referring to and if
anything he seems somewhat skiddish
around other dogs.  If a dog rushes
toward  him, he doesn't like that and will
try to get away.  He has shown no
aggression toward my wheaten, Flower
or any other dogs in my complex.  He's
very well behaved and has good
manners.  Shows no food or toy
aggression and doesn't get jealous
when I'm giving Flower attention,  He
has given a warning growl when Flower
tries to 'walk' him on  leash or when she
tugs on his leash, but other than that
nothing!  They play very well together
and I've even caught Flower cleaning
his ears and licking his face, which he

I just want potential adopters to know
what a good boy he is.  

Someone forgot to tell  him he was 10
years 'young'

Jack is neutered and up to date on
Alexandria Lammers
AUGUST 2013 -

Jack has been adopted by
Maria Chamorro of Kansas