Izzy is a female Soft Coated Wheaten
Terrier.  Her DOB is 9/27/04

Izzy is a owner turn-in.  Some information
from them:

I am looking for a loving home for her
and a family or individual that can give
her the love and attention she
deserves.  I have 2 children (9&11who
are in school all day and my husband and
I are at work all day.  We are then at
different sporting events most evenings
and out of town on average 2 weekends
a month.

I am also wanting to surrender Izzy as we
have moved into a home that now has
horses right in the backyard.  Izzy goes
crazy by barking and barking and running
crazy in our yard.  I have been tying her
up now and she still goes just as crazy
with the barking.  Our choice has been to
walk her for outside time and to then
leave her in the mudroom where the
horses are out of sight and smell.

She is also starting to help herself to
food on the counter.  She also does not
like other dogs or cats.

Izzy is a great dog and 99% of the time
truly awesome and loving.  She is a
'happy, goofy' dog.  She gets along well
with other people (kids, adults and
strangers).  She likes her walks and just
loves to sit outside on our deck taking in
the sun.  (Of course, that was at our old
house.)  She also sleeps with us in our
rooms on the floor and is house trained.

We will only be considering homes with
no other pets and children over 14 for
this dog.

Izzy is spayed, is up to date on shots and
is already microchipped.


Izzy has been adopted by the
Graves Family of Colorado