Izzy is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her DOB is 7.21.08

Izzy and her sister,
Sophie, are owner
turn-ins. Some info from them:

We have had six Wheatens and loved
them all dearly. We currently have two, 3
year old, female littermates. We must act
quickly to find placement for them
because they have become very
aggressive with our 13 month old
daughter. They have never bitten her,
but one has knocked her over and
pinned her down. The other has taken to
growling at her. She loves them both
and just wants to be with them, and she
has never antagonized them. Their
dislike of her has grown greatly since
she became mobile. We have talked to
two vets and an animal behaviorist, and
they all recommend rehoming and
believe that if they stay in our home,
their aggression will only increase.

Izzy and Sophie are very loveable and
like nothing more than sitting on laps.
They hog the bed and freely give kisses.
They are a bit smaller than our other
Wheatens, but their Wheaten greetin’s
are typical. They have great senses of
humor and love attention.

Izzy is spayed and up to
date on shots. She is located in
Lafayette, IN
MARCH 2013 -

Izzy has been adopted by the
Wymer Family of Ohio