Iris is a purebred female Maltese.  Her
DOB is 6/16/06

Iris came to Rescue by way of a dog
auction. Yes, here in Missouri it is legal
to auction off dogs to the highest bidder.

We attended the auction to save a
Wheaten that was there but when Iris
and the other 3 Maltese,
Poppy, Pippin
Lily came up for auction and no one
was buying them we were afraid of what
would happen to them if no one took
them so they ended up with us.

Iris is a tiny little girl, less than 5 lbs by
our estimate but we will get a weight at
the vet when she goes in to be spayed.

She is very scared right now and
confused but seems friendly. With time
and love we think she will blossom into
a great pet. We will update with more
information as we get to know them

If you would like to learn more about
dogs that come from puppymills please

Iris is spayed and up to date on shots.
Linda L Hayden
Ann Kaat
OCTOBER 2011 -

Iris has been adopted by the
Brown Family of Missouri