Honey is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her estimated DOB is

Honey is a owner turn-in. Some info from
them is below:

I am a single mother of a newborn and
don't have the time or financial abilities
to take care of her anymore.  I have only
had her almost a year, not very long.  
She is on dry pedigree food with some
table scraps mixed in at night.  She is a
purebred, but I do not have papers.  She
is an indoor pet, but she LOVES being
outside (I live on a farm).  Her favorite
thing is to chase and hunt the little
vermin outside, but she is great with
cats and dogs.  She has a crate that she
loves because its her own place to get
away, but I don't know that shes
considered crate trained, because shes
house trained, I can leave her all alone
in the house all day and generally she
won't have an accident and she doesn't
chew at all.  The lady who had her before
me took her to obedience classes, and
she is very smart.  She can sit and shake
and I'm sure she can do more than that
but I've never tried.  She knows shes
supposed to come when called and she
does....as long as something more
interesting isn't in her mind first lol.  She
only digs when shes looking for the
vermin that she chases.   

I really hate to rehome her, she is
sooooooo sweet.  Her entire world lights
up when I walk into the room and she will
follow me to the bathroom and wait
outside the door for me.  She would
really walk through fire for me, I don't
question that at all.  If you can help me
and Honey that would be great.  I'm really
up against a wall here.  Thanks for your

Honey is spayed and up to date on shots.


Honey has been adopted by
Michele Fiorentini of Illinois

Texas Junk Queen