Grover is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His estimated DOB is

Grover is a owner turn-in. Below is some
information from them:

I acquired a pure breed S.C.W.T.  at the
local shelter, it was for rescue only, I
have 2 other dogs, one wheaten and
one lab. He is dog aggressive, but
wonderful with kids and adults, he has
allergy's and i have the medicine for
him, I cannot keep him, my female and
him got in a serious fight almost major
harm to each other, I have to keep him
locked up in a back house, he rides
good in the car, he walks very well, does
not tug. He is very quiet, papers of his
turn in says he is a flight risk, likes to
leave the yard but does not run away.

Update from foster dad:

So far he is doing very well. Loves going
out for walks and does great on the
leash no pulling or dragging. He is pretty
quiet for the most part, just enjoys
getting a good pet and resting with you.
He is doing better as far as his allergies,
his itching has gone down substantially
since his arrival and the start of the new
diet. We have walked past dogs on our
walks and I have witnessed no signs of
aggression. We even walked by the dog
park and witnessed groups of dogs
playing and he just wags his tail like he
wanted to join in. He is really getting a
kick out of the snow here.

Grover is neutered and up to date on

OCTOBER 2010 -

Grover has been adopted by
Jim Buchner of Pennsylvania

Jacqueline Kimbrough
Evanee Frank