Gracie is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  
Her DOB is 118/07

Gracie is a owner turn-in. Below is some
information from her:

She was my husband's companion and
he took her everywhere with him.  He
passed away in June of 2009 and I have
tried to keep Gracie because he loved
he so much and I felt that I was morally
responsible for her.

I started to have back problems before
my husband died and the condition has
just gradually worsened.  I have not
been able to care for Gracie like she
was used to.  I couldn't walk her and due
to working full time, I could not give her
the attention that she was used to.  I am
now recuperating from back surgery and
have been told that I cannot bend, twist,
lift and am basically pretty limited in what
I can do.  I boarded Gracie during the
time of surgery and it is getting time to
pick her up and I don't think that I am
going to be able to care for her.  I have
been warned that I could rupture a disc
very easily at this time if I am not careful.

This is a very difficult situation for me
and I am hoping that you can help me
out.  Gracie is a good dog but I just don't
see how I can continue to take care of
her.  She is house broken and sleeps in
her kennel.  She loves kids and gets
along well with other dogs.  I have taken
her to Doggie Day Care frequently so
that she could have interaction with
other dogs.  She gets along very well
with the grandchildren and basically
likes everyone.  She has never bitten.  

I am hoping that your organization can
help me with this situation and that
Gracie will be able to be placed in a
loving home and have the love and
attention that she deserves.

Gracie has been spayed and is
up to date on shots. She is
located in the Westwood, KS area
MAY 2012 -

Gracie has been adopted by the
Katherine O. of St. Louis.