Grace is a female Wheatable.  Her
estimated DOB is 8/08

Grace was found as a stray running with
2 male dogs. The person that found her
is not able to keep her as they are
moving out of the country at the end of
the month.

From her finder:

She is a marvelous, affectionate, smart,
obedient, sensitive, cuddly, quiet, calm
companion dog.  She only barks when
people come to the door or come too
close to the house.  She's not yippy or
nervous.  She's very affectionate, and
will curl up against me in bed, and softly
lick my fingers.  She's much more
feminine, affectionate, softer and
sweeter than my other two dogs.  She's
very smart and learns quickly.  She
figures out things on her own, too, like
how to walk with her extendable leash
without getting on the wrong side of a
tree or trash can.  She learned right away
to stay out of the street, and to walk on
my left.  She was already potty-trained
when I got her.  I taught her sit very
quickly.  She learned to sit at the curb
before we walk across the street in only
one day.  She did start chewing on my
blanket, but I just gave her some dog
toys, and that solved that.  She chewed a
hole in my sock, but I left the sock on the
floor, and she's still only a puppy, so I
can hardly blame her.  She's completely
submissive to me.  She lets me bathe
her, clean her tush, put medication in
her ear, take bones out of her mouth,
feed her, take her food away, play with
her feet.  She's just a limp ragdoll if she
doesn't want to go, for example, into her
house, but I do.  She never nips, or
growls or uses her mouth at all on me.

Grace is spayed and is up to date on


Grace has been adopted by the
Diggs Family of Arizona

Kendall Martin