Glory is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her est. DOB is 5/08

She is very loveable, cuddly, rides good
in a car & little kids dress her up in
clothes - and she is great with it all.

She has tons of energy and loves
to play with kids.  If a ball is involved
though, Glory gets TOO excited and will
may nip at the kids,so older kids are
probably best - she has had no exercise
and gets overzealous when a lot of kids
are around playing ball with her and she
wants the ball.

She gets along with most dogs and will
play with them when relatives come
over with theirs etc.  She will do the
wheaten greetin, then settle and be
great.  She will stand her ground
though, so if another dog starts it, she
will not hesitate to fight.

Glory is spayed, up to date on shots.
JUNE 2013 -

Glory has been adopted by the
Boler Family of Ohio