Ginger is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 5/3/06

Ginger is a owner turn-in. Below is some
info from them:

We purchased her from a breeder in
Oklahoma when she was a puppy.  She  
has never bitten anyone.  She is good
with children, but as all wheatens love to
do, she loves to jump so need to be in a
home with older children to prevent
them from being knocked down. She
also gets along with cats.  She is kept
outside during the day and brought
indoors to her kennel at night.  We feel
we cannot give her the human attention
that all wheatens strive on.  My husband
and I both work full time and our
children are involved in every sport you
can name.  She deserves to be with a
good family that has the time to spoil her
and give her the attention she needs.  

Ginger is spayed and up to date on

JANUARY 2011 -

Ginger has been adopted by the
DeCou Family of California

Barbara Vittitoe
Cheryl Hain
Kathy Heinrich