Getty is a male Wheatable.
His est. DOB is 6/10

Getty is a owner turn-in. Some
information from the former owner:

Aunt originally adopted dog as a pup at a
PetSmart store with the information that
he had been abandoned. Getty has been
passed between different family
members since the Aunt's death.

Owner stated that Getty will sometimes
growl if his kennel or doggy gate are
approached and that he will also
"resource guard".  He has never bitten.  
He has never had training.

As you can see from the photos, Getty is
absolutely adorable with longer hair, it
looks like he was just recently shaved
down though as the shaved photo
was dated 5.22.12.  But it is only fur
and will grow back quickly.

Getty is neutered and up to date on
AUGUST 2012 -

Getty has been adopted by
Laura Stachowicz of Ohio