Frankie is a male Wheatable.  His est.
DOB is 9/10

Cute and unusual looking with his
arresting eye color isn't he!

A man was driving down a busy highway
a few weeks ago while staying at their
"camp" in LA, when he saw a dog
running near a busy highway.  He pulled
over, and as soon as he opened his car
door, Frankie jumped in.  No idea if he
was dumped there, or was lost. He was
wearing a collar with no tags.  He seems
fine in a crate, knows some commands:  
Come/sit/down but doesn't always want
to do them! He stood still and seemed to
enjoy his bath and brushing.

Some info from his temporary foster

Frankie is FILLED with personality!  He
absolutely loves to play with other dogs,
and if they get snippy with him, he simply
turns away.  He doesn't have an
aggressive bone in his body and
everyone he meets is a friend.  He does
a little wheaten-greetin but doesn't go
overboard on it.  He lives to run and
play, and will chase squirrels and cats,
but has never been face to face with a
cat, so we don't know how he would do
with one.  He is calm and playful with all
other dogs.  He has favorite stuffed and
squeaky toys and will nudge you to get
your attention and offer them to you for

Frankie is great in the car and loves to
go for rides.  As soon as he sees his
leash, he sits and waits for it to be
clipped on. We aren't positive how he
would be crated, but he doesn't seem
afraid of them at all. He loves to be
groomed and petted and will happily
snuggle to watch TV.  One night, a
commercial came on the TV with a little
baby crying, and Frankie ran all over the
house, searching for the baby.

Frankie is neutered and up to date on

Frankie has been adopted by
Jennifer Thomas of Texas